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Wine in Black

Immersed in the dark, discover wine with this original oenology workshop! A wine animation during which you will learn to recognize clay, sandy and gravelly terroirs. Become one with the vine, its growth, understand the vinification and maturation. Smell the aromas of the grape varieties, the barrel and the aging process. All your senses will be heightened to fully experience the tasting with its chocolate and music pairings.



An original wine animation in Saint-Emilion, near Bordeaux to better understand wine. This oenological workshop in the dark takes place in 3 stages:

Connect with nature with the discovery of the terroirs and the vineyard…

Much more than a simple wine tasting class in Bordeaux, mobilize all your senses for this wine animation! With your hands, feel and learn to identify the sandy, clay and gravelly soils. Through their texture and porosity, understand the impact on the reasoned work of the soil, the vine and the maturity of the grapes Then, make room for the connection with nature and the vine. Thanks to the tactile connection with the vine; feel its growth, its development over the years, its buds, its leaves or its clusters. See how the winegrower adapts to each vine to enhance the maturity of the grapes to produce quality wines that respect the environment. Finally, exercise your sense of smell with bottles of aromas, characteristic of the Merlot and Cabernet Franc and Sauvignon grape varieties

Experience the transformation of wine, from vinification in vats to aging in barrels…

Walk through the vat room, understand the alcoholic fermentation in the stainless-steel tanks Feel the impact of pumping over on the body of the wine through the different textures (soft, silky, rough) that represent the tactile sensation of the tannins of red wines in the mouth. Then, walk through the barrel, smelling different wood toasts to understand the aromatic impact of wood on the wine’s bouquet. Finally identify the aromas related to the evolution of the wine.

Saint-Émilion Grands Crus wine tasting accompanied by chocolates and music

Your senses awaken, you learn to taste the wines, the vocabulary related to your sensations, and you can identify the different subtleties and mysteries it contains Then taste again the same wines accompanied by chocolates and music, let go and let the wine transport you through your own emotions and memories.

Lift the veil…Share with the other participants your emotions and discover with your eyes what you have seen from the inside.

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