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Dinner and cocktail

Original wine animations in Bordeaux for your seminars, dinners and cocktails.
During seated meals, in the form of oenological challenge and wine tasting
or during your cocktails with wine sensory animation tables.
Your corporate seminars, your meals and your cocktails will have a whole new flavor!

cocktail tables

A wine animation for your seminars in Bordeaux and your events. Challenge your guests by appealing to their senses with our oenologic tables. Try to win as many points as possible to be pre-selected and try to win a Œnodating® wine box. Each table will win prizes!

A fun challenge around our sensory tables:

Sensory table touch: “The bribes”
Discover as quickly as possible the answer in the mystery jars to the quiz on the objects of the vineyard and wine service.

Olfactory sensory table:“The aromas of wine”
Aroma scents to identify, color recognition in black glasses.

Tasting table: “Wine vocabulary”.
From a tasting and a quiz, discover the different steps of the tasting and the associated wine vocabulary.

Gastronomic table: “Chocolate sweets”
Taste chocolates blindly and identify the aromas and percentages of cocoa! Surprises and traps await you!

Tasting table: “Blind tasting”
Wines from Bordeaux, France or the world Blindly identify the color of the wine, the dominant aromas, the region, the vintage, the grape varieties from several suggested answers.

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Dinner Challenge

This wine animation consists in competing by tables. It happens in 3 steps, (admire its dress, get drunk, feel its body) between each service. The challenge is punctuated with humorous sketches about wine tasting techniques and comments on the wines tasted. A new way to approach the oenology courses!

Step 1: Admire your dress

Introductory speech on “how to admire your dress” and quiz.

Challenge between the tables through 4 questions on the dress of the wines: can you detect all the nuances of its dress? What do its thin or thick legs tell you? Through its presentation, will you identify which body you can expect?

Theatrical tasting commentary on the wine served.

Step 2: “Let the fragrance intoxicate you”.

Introductory speech on “how to identify its perfume and bouquet” and quiz.

Olfactory challenge between the tables through the identification of aromas and black glasses: 4 aromas will be given to each table which will have to identify the family of aromas and the corresponding aroma. Each table will then have to identify by smell only, the wines served in the black glasses through several proposals.

Theatrical tasting commentary on the wine served.

Step 3: “Feel its body”

Introductory sketch about “feeling your body” and quiz.

Challenge between the tables: Each table will have at its disposal materials corresponding to the sensations of the wine in the mouth and will have to associate to each texture, a vocabulary and a style of wine by helping itself to the different proposals.

Theatrical tasting commentary on the wine served.


A tasting set will be offered to all participants of the challenge. All members of the winning team will receive a bottle of Grand Cru.

Escape Wine buffet supper

A version of our wine escape game adapted to sit-down meals! Our oenologist Mrs. De La Farce has disappeared! To free her oenological secret, you’ll have to sharpen your senses and your logical mind by helping yourself to the riddles and deciphering the codes! Once you have completed your mission, you will be able to take part in an introductory course in oenology with a wine and chocolate tasting.

Part 1: Oenological Escape Game

Search, observe, manipulate, use your senses, use logic and team spirit to unlock the oenological secret of Mrs. De La Farce.

Dressing room… Admire its dress
Open your eyes, search and decipher all the nuances of the wine’s dress!

Two kitchens… Be intoxicated by its perfume
Search, manipulate, smell and identify the aromas of white and red wines and solve the associated riddles.

Playroom… Feel its body
With the help of unusual objects, identify the sensations of the touch of wine in the mouth.

A number to find on each of the pieces According to the clues and time bonus,
earn points for being the first team to reach the safe


Part 2: Introduction tooenology

After the escape game, learn about oenology through a commented tasting of St Émilion grands crus from Château Pas de l’Âne accompanied by fine chocolates from the artisan Denis Daubos.

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