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escape game

Do you dream of organizing an escape game at your event venue?
You want to make your guests or employees discover the local wine culture?
Our wine themed escapes games are adapted to be played in teams, even on groups of more than 100 people!
The mobile escape game is an ideal animation that can be adapted to all your events: weddings, team building, corporate seminars… discover our different formulas.

Escape Wine in team challenge (more than 6 people)

A wine escape game adapted to your corporate seminars, taken from our classic oenological escape game. Divided into teams, the participants compete simultaneously in the different areas of “dressing room”, “kitchen” and “game room” to find the safe The fastest team with the fewest clues will be the first to try their luck at unlocking the oenological secret. But will they have the right code? Finally, all players participate in an introduction to oenology with a tasting of Saint-Emilion Grands Crus and chocolates.

Part 1: Oenological Escape Game

Search, observe, manipulate, use your senses, use logic and team spirit to unlock the oenological secret of Mrs. De La Farce.

Dressing room… Admire her dress
Open your eyes, search and decipher all the nuances of the wine’s dress!

Two kitchens… Be intoxicated by its perfume
Search, manipulate, smell and identify the aromas of white and red wines and solve the associated riddles.

Game room… Feel his body
With the help of unusual objects, identify the sensations of the touch of wine in the mouth.

A number to find on each of the pieces According to the clues and time bonus
earn points for being the first team to reach the safe


Part 2: Introduction tooenology

After the escape game, learn about oenology through a commented tasting of St Émilion grands crus from Château Pas de l’Âne accompanied by fine chocolates from the artisan Denis Daubos.

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Escape Wine mobile in team challenge

Teams compete simultaneously around the escape game worlds to find the code that contains the oenological secret, and oenological workshops that allow them to earn points and benefits to be the first team to access the safe.

Teams challenge themselves on:

The “Escape game” workshops: Search, manipulate, observe, use your senses, show logic and team spirit and free the intermediate chests to find on each workshop a number that composes the final lock. Depending on the time or the clues taken, you will earn points.

The oenological workshops: the goal is to win as many points as possible in order to be the first team to reach the safe and try to free the to access the safe and try to free the oenological secret.

Who wins?
The team with the most points is the first to access the safe, but will it have the right code? The winners leave with their bottle of Grand Cru and all participants with a table set on the steps of the tasting.

Escape Wine digital

Divided into teams, you will have to liberate the oenological secret of Mrs. De la Farce by thwarting the riddles of the “dressing room”, “kitchen”, “playroom”. Your tools? The videos of the search of the rooms and the file of clues…. But above all, your best assets will be teamwork, active listening, a logical mind, and an eagle eye!

Discover the world of wine and the steps of sensory tasting through fun riddles. The remote escape game starts with a challenge that consists in being the fastest team to be the fastest team to discover the oenological secret. To do so, you will have to use all your senses and and earn points!

Then, all together, you participate in an initiation to oenology.

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