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Do you want to discover the Bordeaux vineyards and wine tasting techniques
through dynamic and interactive workshops? It’s here!

Initiation to oenology

How do you work the wine to obtain a wine that can be kept? What are the aromas of wine? How do you taste a wine? What is the vocabulary of wine to describe its sensations? Why can any neophyte taster talk about a wine? How to recognize a quality wine and its ageing potential?

On the program:

  • Presentation of the Bordeaux vineyard and its grape varieties, tasting technique (visual-olfactory-gustatory) and wine vocabulary.
  • Training in the recognition of aromas through bottles and olfactory games in black glasses.
  • Comparative tastings of 4 to 6 wines (St Émilion grands crus & oenological surprises) accompanied by fine chocolates from the artisan chocolatier Denis Daubos. Presentation of the characteristics of food and wine pairing and wine service.

Tastings of 3 to 5 wines Several themes to choose from:red wines of Bordeaux,the colors of Bordeaux, thegreat classified growths.

For the gourmets: Possibility of opting for a wine tasting with sweet and salty macaroons for a guaranteed pleasure of the taste buds.

In a classic or playful way, we adapt our tastings so that they are always convivial and as close as possible to your desires.

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Blending workshop

On a wine estate or at a seminar venue, come and enjoy a blending workshop while discovering the famous Bordeaux single-varietals without sulfur: Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, discover the mystery blend of our Grand Cru, create your own bottle (blend and label) and leave with your own vintage.

Step 1: Discovery and tasting of single-varietals.

Taste the famous single-varietals of Bordeaux: Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc. Learn to recognize their typicity, their characteristics and especially their complementarity.

Step 2: Tasting of the mystery blend of our Grand Cru

Taste one of our Grand Crus and discover the proportion of each grape variety it contains. Can you find the exact blend?

Step 3: Create your own bottle: Label and blend!

Create the wine of your choice. Test different blends, write them down and choose the one you like best to create a half bottle of your choice. Then create the label for your wine.

Step 4: Leave with your bottle and our mystery Grand Cru!

Leave with the half-bottle you just created and the mystery half-bottle you blind tasted.

Wine in Black

Immersed in the dark, live a unique experience of full consciousness by discovering the different soils, the vine from its formation to its growth, the work of winemaking and aging, the aromas of wine … Your senses awake, participate in a tasting of our Saint-Emilion Grands Crus accompanied by chocolate and music for an emotional journey guaranteed!

Step 1: Connect with nature through the discovery of the terroirs and the vineyard…

With your hands, feel and learn to identify the sandy, clay and gravelly soils. Through their texture and porosity, understand the impact on the reasoned work of the soil, the vine and the maturity of the grapes. Then make room for the connection with nature and the vine for a feeling of inner well-being. Through the tactile connection with the vine shoots, buds, elements of the vine, feel its growth, its development over the years, and how the winemaker adapts to each vine to enhance the maturity of the grape to make quality wines, respectful of the environment. Then exercise your sense of smell with the help of bottles of aromas characteristic of the Merlot, Cabernet Franc and Sauvignon grape varieties.

Step 2: Experience the transformation of the wine, from the vinification in vats to the maturation in barrels…

Feel the impact of pumping over on the body of the wine through the different textures (soft, silky, rough) that represent the tactile sensation of the tannins of red wines in the mouth. Then smell different wood toast to understand the aromatic impact of wood on the wine’s bouquet. Finally, identify the aromas linked to the evolution of the wine.

Step 3: Taste our Bordeaux Grands Crus accompanied by chocolates and music

With your senses awake, you learn to taste wines, the vocabulary linked to your sensations, and to identify the different subtleties and mysteries they contain. Then taste again the same wines accompanied by chocolates and music, let go and let the wine make you travel through your own emotions and memories.

Lift the veil… Share with the other participants your emotions and discover with your eyes what you have seen from the inside.

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Digital wine dating

Experience the great emotions of wine from your home. This virtual wine workshop will allow you to discover the different stages of sensory tasting. Thanks to riddles, quizzes and various fun activities, these commented tastings will allow you to experience the vine and wine from a distance.

A remote wine workshop to discover all the steps of wine tasting and the associated vocabulary through puzzles. Throughout this virtual wine workshop, you will learn to discover the secrets of wine and wine tasting through riddles and quizzes.

Before the workshop, each participant receives at home a half-bottle of Saint-Emilion Grands Crus or several samples, as well as a placemat and a stop-drop.

The workshop can also be offered without sending wine. In this case, you will be able to taste the wine of your choice and we will be able to discuss your feelings together.